06 October 2023

Brick by brick bike

Lego Yamaha MT10We know, we’re barely into October so we really shouldn’t be mentioning the C word.

The thing is, the stunted adolescent that is Paul Browne got wind of the perfect Christmas gift for the boy into bikes.

But, as he’s a good brick, we let him kick-start the festive season, out of season…


It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. Honest.

If, like me, when you’re off your bike, all you really want to do is play with Lego then you’re in luck this Yuletide.

Traditionally, though, there have been two problems with this.

One is that we’re all just a little bit too old to be playing with kids’ toys. Or so I’ve been told.  Secondly, our children appear to be entirely incapable of sharing. At least mine are.

Lego Yamaha Mt 10 Adult only?

Just when all hope was lost to adulthood and offspring, Lego came to save the day.

They took their Technic genre to a whole new level by producing a whole range of fresh and interesting models.

These were conceived for adults like me who needed to channel their neurodiversity somewhere, when my bike needed a rest.

My saviour in this regard is the selection of Lego Technic Motorcycles.

This range includes the Lego Batman motorcycle, the Ducati Panigale and the incredibly cool hipster Vespa, complete with a basket of flowers and an open-face helmet.

That’s just for starters.

An all-new BMW M 1000 RR came to market last year. It’s still available in toy shops. With 1921 pieces included and a build process that includes a very involved engine and chassis construction, it’s something very special.

It’s not only a cool gift, it’s also complex enough to keep the lucky recipient so, so busy over Christmas and Stephen’s day. If that’s you, then you won’t be able to talk to, indeed look at, any other members of your family.

Lego Yamaha MT10 SPThe full SP

Now what’s happened is that the people at Lego have added a Yamaha MT 10 SP to the range.

As the owner of a MT 10 I’m beyond happy about this

If I ask everyone I know for one then I might get enough of them for Christmas to start my own race series in my parents’ living room.

I won’t be seen until New Year’s Day.

It retails at €230 from Lego online, or you can buy it from a real person at your local Smyths Toy store.

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