27 March 2020

Now for some good Neo’s

When things return to normal, you might want to consider an alternative to public transport. Something that doesn’t involve you getting up close and personal with strangers, perhaps.

Thankfully there’s companies around like Yamaha which make a huge range of scooters, from the premium T Max all the way back to the wonderful Neo’s.

Indeed it could be argued that the Japanese giant has become the go-to company when it comes to urban commuting. They’ve also done it with a bit of class.

Yamaha Neo'sGreen machine

The Neo’s is your entry level ticket out of mass transit!

For many of us rough and tough motorcyclists, a 50cc machine offered us our first chance at freedom back in the day. Back then we were usually escaping from our parents too!

Things have since changed and the new Yamaha Neo’s is now powered by an environmentally friendly four stoke engine.

This is light years ahead of the old two bangers that were commonplace in our cities twenty years ago.

Alas gone with them is that beautiful smell of burnt oil.

These days they can be ridden on an easily earned AM licence which requires a lot less training time.

Time machine

One of the most significant costs of living in a city is the price, in terms of time, of getting around. This is particularly true of the morning commute. The Yamaha Neo’s gives the commuter back that time, in extra hours per week rather than minutes. The pay back is simply enormous.

The machine has a lot going for it.

It’s as easy on the eye as it is on your wallet in terms of running costs and design. With a weight of just 95 kilos the Neo’s has a narrow enough profile to cut through the city traffic in a very efficient manner yet unhurried manner.

So, when you’re looking to get around without being pressed up to a stranger , talk to any Yamaha dealer for more details. The Neo’s starts at €2,899 which isn’t an awful lot more than they cost twenty years ago!

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