14 February 2020

Elettrica connects with green agenda

Making good on the promises made at the EICMA show several years ago, the Piaggio Group have now started to produce the new Vespa Elettrica for the Irish market.

The new scooter has been on the market in Italy for a number of years now. It’s been available in the rest of Europe, the US and Asia since 2019. We are getting to see it now following the appointment of a dealer for our part of the world late last year.

Vespa Elettrica The Elettrica promises to be but a first step for the Piaggio Group in the direction of a whole world of new technology.

Gita move on

It will be ready to be fitted out in the near future with solutions currently being developed for a project called Gita. Currently on the drawing board at Piaggio Fast Forward in Boston, Gita involves making artificial intelligence systems that both adapt and respond to human input.

This will be a whole new world of self driving vehicles. Real time mapping will be factored in and cool new stuff like owner identification will be part of the offering.

Not only will we not need a key, we won’t even need a fob to start the things!

But right now the Vespa Elettrica is the starting point on a whole new adventure for the Italian company.

By adopting electric drive, Vespa once again makes a name for itself as a symbol of style combined with innovation.

Art eco

The Elettrica isn’t just a new electric scooter. It is a work of art, which carries with it all the values of the world of Vespa, its image, its socially responsible and eco-friendly soul.  Its even more sensitive to the quality of life in our urban environment and the new challenges we face.

The new machine means advanced connectivity and silence, personalisation and accessibility, from an iconic Italian manufacturer with an iconic Italian brand.

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