29 August 2019

BMW C650: An early Christmas gift?

As we start to say goodbye to summer, it’s time to look ahead and ask if the BMW C650 is the answer to winter weather.

Like it or not, Christmas is coming. So is winter, heavy city traffic and an awful lot of rain.

Let’s face it, taking your brand new S1000RR in and out of Dublin city centre from October to March isn’t the act of a loving owner. The thing will be so fuzzy with road dirt at the end of the winter that it’ll be more in need of a shave than the average hipster.

What’s a biker to do?

There are a number of alternative options. You could use public transport. You could mount a pushbike. You could drive – if you set off now.

These are alternatives, of sorts. But they’re not, well, biking are they? They’re not going to bring the satisfying grin – surely no hint of smugness? – that comes with cheating those bumper-to-bumper four-wheel queues.

So, with the S1000RR safely stowed, where does that leave you?

The BMW C650 could be just what you need to navigate the ‘off season’.

BMW c650

The first thing is that the bike has heaps of usable power. The CVT gearbox changes up and down the unseen and unheard and as such provides the optimum amount of drive all through all the range that the 647cc motor has.

BMW c650The next thing is the construction of these things.

The lights are as powerful as those on a GS while the shield offers huge amounts of protection from the elements.

Comfort zone

There are heated grips, a heated seat for the rider and pillion each and a huge amount of under seat storage, enough to hold two full face helmets.

Security is looked after with an alarm and immobiliser from the factory. Best and most fun of all is that the C650 is faster off the lights on a rainy Tuesday morning in February than any S1000RR in rain mode – and a whole lot more comfortable besides.

New these are available from both Kearys (021 500 3600)and Joe Duffy Motorrad (018647750).Prices start at €14,995.

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