• 20 October 2023

    Quite the LiveWire

    Running from zero to 100KPH in three seconds and offering 263 Nm of torque on demand, the new LiveWire Del Mar is an impressive bike.

    Throw in some very smart tech and a surprisingly friendly weight, and this new machine looks worth getting amped up about.
    Paul Browne is certainly happy to give it a plug...

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  • 13 October 2023

    CF Moto is back!

    Chinese motorcycles have come a long way since they first landed on our shores, none more so than CF Moto who've secured a new dealership here in Ireland.

    Amongst the company's offerings is the new 800 MT Explore, a robust, versatile and well spec'd tourer.

    Paul Browne casts an eye...

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  • 06 October 2023

    Brick by brick bike

    We know, we're barely into October so we really shouldn't be mentioning the C word.

    The thing is, the stunted adolescent that is Paul Browne got wind of the perfect Christmas gift for the boy into bikes.

    But, as he's a good brick, we let him kick-start the festive season, out of season....

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  • 28 September 2023

    Fast Johnnie hogs limelight

    There's a Johnnie that's come lately to Harley Davidson's range.

    In fact a few 'Fast Johnnies' have rolled up.

    What's it all about? 

    Let Paul Browne explain......

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  • 22 September 2023

    Moto Guzzi refreshes V7 with racing-inspired Stone Corsa

    Moto Guzzi has again refreshed its iconic V7 with the launch of the Stone Corsa.

    Informed by the Italian manufacturer's illustrious racing past, the latest edition looks very much the part, reports Paul Browne.

    He'll even race it under your colours, should you be rich and daft enough to sponsor him. 

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