01 October 2021

Zero supercharges SR/S value with free GT package

The last time he could get amped up at a bike launch, our mains man Paul Browne was impressed with  Zero’s SR/S. Now he’s charged up about a new offer from the electric motorcycle specialist.

SR/SThe last bike launch I attended before commencement of  ‘The ‘Great Unhappiness’ in early 2020 was Zero’s SR/S.

The bike was broadly based on the same chassis, drive and battery as the SR/F.

This one brought a lot more ‘sport’ to the table and has proven to be a dynamic and easy to use machine ever since.

Electric motorcycles have come of age over the last few years and Zero have had a lot to do with this.

Electric switch

With a range of as much as 320 kilometres and recharging times of less than an hour, this bike has proved to be a popular choice with motorcyclists making the switch to electric.

Now the manufacturer is offering a free ‘GT Pack’.

This will help even the most new technology averse rider see how they can make use of the most practical all-electric motorcycle on the market. It makes the SR/S even more capable than it already was.

Current offer

SR/SA centre stand provides riders with increased parking stability, whilst a SHAD top box and pannier system adds lots more storage room.

That three box package is alone worth a little over €1,800.

The GT Pack is included with all unregistered standard and premium SR/S models purchased before the end of the year.

Coupled with the machine’s low maintenance needs, minimal running costs and five year battery warranty, the SR/S has never offered better value.

The inevitable plug

To find out more about the Zero SR/S, the offers and a huge range of rider equipment give any of the team at Franklin Motorcycles a call on 01 538 5005.

Motorcycle insurance quotes

Electric motorbike insurance quote?  Plug into our specialist service by calling 0818 945 950.

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