23 February 2024

Vespa GTS 300 makes it time to scoot

Vespa GTS 300

Is it time to scoot?

When even a hardened biker like Paul Browne finds joy in the Vespa GTS 300, it could well be.

As stylish as you might expect from the legendary Italian scooter manufacturer, it’s also immensely practical – and fun!


I think of the Vespa GTS 300 as being a more mature take on the scooter genre.

It’s a more dynamic machine and as such it’s one that’s fun to ride.

It’s powered by a four-stroke single cylinder engine that displaces 278cc and puts out 24 bhp.

While this power output would have been unimaginable even just a few years ago, the torque number is the most impressive. Producing over 26 Nm guarantees a commuter that will get off the line briskly when the lights turn green.

Circle perks

Stopping is done via a single disk up the front and the same at the rear. The ABS system is managed by a class leading Bosch unit.

Both of the brake levers are fully adjustable allowing the rider to tailor the span to the size of their hands.

Having a wet weight of only 155 kilos, as well as a tight turning circle, makes for a very easy machine on which to cut through city traffic.

The suspension on the rear can be adjusted across four settings. It’s more than capable of carrying a pillion in comfort.

Long and the short

Vespa GTS 300The 790mm seat height may sound a little low, but the leg room in the clever and classic footwell manages to make it a comfortable steed for the taller amongst us to ride on.

At the same time its pleasingly unintimidating for normally heighted people.

A traditional speedo is complimented by an LCD display. This shows all the metrics a rider might need.

As is standard with all modern scooters, there’s a space under the seat for storage. It’s been designed to take a full face helmet.

There’s also a classic Vespa glove box within which there’s a power socket.

If you ride a bike, but have never ridden a scooter, give one of these a try. You’d be amazed at how easy they make riding in the city.

The GTS 300 Sport , as well as the rest of the Vespa range, is available from Megabikes in Dublin, where a new one will run you €7,495.

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