18 October 2019

Are you together in Zero Motorcyles’ electric dreams?


The Z-Force motor was developed from the ground up by Zero Motorcycles to be optimised for efficiency, power and size.

This motor features an interior permanent magnet design that significantly improves performance during hard riding and allows higher sustained top speeds.

Even more impressive, the compact brushless unit requires no liquid or forced-air cooling, nor routine maintenance.

When this is combined with a Z-Force Power Pack, the remarkably compact and light motor delivers amazing horsepower and breathtaking acceleration.

Providing a unique ride quality, the motor produces 100% of its torque from a standstill.



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The technology behind this new machine is definitely sophisticated and bring significant ownership benefits.

All the extra parts, maintenance concerns and weight that we take into consideration when we look at conventional motorcycles have been eliminated. This allows us, the riders, to focus on the best part of owning a motorcycle, riding the thing!

The vast majority of us use our bikes for short spins, with relatively long breaks between rides. The break between commutes and even the break over a Sunday morning breakfast run offer plenty of time to top up a charge.

Range, quite simply, isn’t an issue for most of us.

Zero MotorcyclesThe owner can adjust their motorcycle’s performance to enable either sportier or more economical riding.

The customisable display – what we used to call the ‘clocks’- report a precise state of charge and real-time power usage while riding.

Owners of the new range of models can use the Zero Motorcycles app to update their motorcycle’s firmware, thereby saving time, money and service trips.

The bike pictured, the ZERO SR/F, costs €19,990. The range starts at €12,950. Reduce your carbon footprint and have a whole lot of fun while you’re at it!

The Zero range is available from Franklin Motorcycles in Swords. Call any of the team on 015385005 to book yourself a test ride and join the electric revolution.

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Call the Principal team on 1890 945 950 for your Zero motorcycle insurance quote.

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