24 July 2020

Time to grab a Guzzi?

With Moto Guzzi’s range again available through an Irish dealer, Paul Browne throws a leg over the Italian manufacturer’s refreshed V7 Stone.

The Moto Guzzi brand drips with old world charm and heritage.

Their bikes have been around for decades, and survived wars, gross mismanagement and being associated with Charley Boormann’s very best mate for the last few years!

Now that they are available again through an Irish dealer and distributor I thought it best to go and take a look at the revised Moto Guzzi V7 Stone.

This is a bike that has ‘big bike’ looks with its traverse V-twin engine and big wheels. But the first thing to note is that it’s learner legal.

It is also the new Night Pack version – there are three model specs to choose from – and amongst other things has a set of LED lights.


Classic looks are a given and the original values of the Italian company are honoured.

At a standstill it’s already a winner.

While the bad old days are long gone and Moto Guzzis are now as reliable as anything else on the market, the V7 Stone still wins in the style stakes.

The attention to detail, on what is quite a simple bike, is commendable.

The rear mudguard is a short and sleek affair, very 1970s. The twin pipe exhaust and a set of twin shocks finish the look from the rear.

Moto Guzzi V7

Twin peak

The motor is the most striking feature.

A twin valve 750 putting out a little more than 50 bhp may not sound like a lot, but in the city this delivers more than enough with the added benefit of being the coolest bike at the lights on any morning of the week.

The front end is classic motorcycle. A big round lamp, high, comfortable bars and road presence some bigger bikes just don’t have.

So all in all the new V7 does what you need and it looks the part.

It’s available e at Megabikes and prices start at €10,695. The version tested costs €11,250, with an even higher spec’ed offering that costs €11,495. To book a test ride call 01478 4200 and ask for Ola.

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