10 December 2021

Time to give your bike a blow dry?

Allegedly prone himself to occasionally blowing a little hot air, Paul Browne weighs up the pros and cons of Brühl’s motorcycle turbine dryer. Genius invention? Ideal Christmas gift? Or, well, not?

Brühl dryerSome days I’m reminded that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. The fact that the people at Brühl have launched a thing called the MD1900+ reminds me just how fine.

What is the MD1900+ you says? Good quesion. It’s a single turbine dryer specially designed to dry your bike,  scooter or even a helmet, in just a few minutes.

Is that just what you’ve always needed, especially at this time of the year?

Or the biking equivalent of a breadmaker, a gadget that you’ll use once then let it gather dust at the back of a cupboard?

Air dried

Let’s take a look at the case for the firmer.

Brühl dryerThe idea behind the Brühl dryer is quite simple really.

It’s crucial to keep your bike dry regardless of whether you use it throughout the winter or not.

If you don’t corrosion will set in and electrics and other components could become disagreeable or fail to work entirely.

Now, with a flick of a switch, the Brühl MD1900+ blows warm air, heated by a 500W element, at speeds of up to 80 metres-a-second.

This will allow you to dry a freshly washed or rain-soaked machine free of indignities  and hard labour that come with using a cloth to get the same job done.

Dry blasting

What’s more, the blast of air is significantly more effective at getting moisture out of all those unreachable areas on your pride and joy.

Think about using a chamois on places like electrical switches, under the bodywork in and around the engine, the suspension and even the brakes.

Actually, don’t. It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Brühl dryerHowever it is, of course, very important to have the bike dry, especially if it will be stored in a shed or under a cover.

One of the benefits of using the Brühl dryer is that corrosion and water-spotting just aren’t an issue.

Since you don’t touch the bike it’s also difficult to scratch it. The Brühl even filters the air that it takes in, so it’s completely clean when you switch it on and point it at your bike.

No sweat

And this thing is not just for your bike.

The dryer is also perfect for your helmet.

While it can be used to blow rain out of vents and visor mechanisms, its real benefit is that it can dry out the interior.

This is important, because perspiration can degrade the protective EPS liner of your lid over time.

Bruhl dryerApparently it’s salty. Your sweat, not the dryer.

You can get one of these things from Bruhl.co.uk for about €180.

Just don’t use it on the dog.

Now that would be insane.

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