05 April 2024

Terrific Ténéré World Raid tackles tarmac and off-the-beaten track

TÉNÉRÉ 700 WORLD RAID Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 World Raid is as at home on smooth tarmac as it on, well, most of our pothole punctuated roads – and, of course, off them.

The Yamaha proved excellent company for Paul Browne as he travelled across country and city, its versatility making it more than a match for whatever our urban and rural environments could throw at it.

First impressions count and I have to admit that giving the Ténéré World Raid am initial once over, I’m impressed.

One of  five current Ténéré models the bike very much looks the part.

The forks, the twin tanks, the shape of the saddle which runs forward to the space between them. When I fill them I’m pleased to see that the weight all this juice adds is ‘hidden’. This is because they’re slung so low .

Then there’s the long travel KYB forks and the Öhlins steering damper.

This thing’s intentions and abilities are clear. I won’t, I expect, be getting the better of it anytime soon.

Getting off

TÉNÉRÉ 700 WORLD RAID Then there’s the inconspicuous black button marked ABS to the left hand side of the screen.

This gives the rider access to three different modes; everything on, front wheel only, and, rather wonderfully, all off.

Yamaha’s T7 has a well-earned reputation for making light of the sand and dirt.

Additionally, because of its tight turning circle, it’s a joy to ride through traffic.

The parallel twin produces a little over 72 bhp, which may be quite modest but I make good time on the national roads.

A couple of hours later and I’ve crossed the border into Donegal. The better paved roads reward the rider with plenty of twists and turns. Trust me, they’re awesome!

TÉNÉRÉ 700 WORLD RAID A pedigree chum

Once off the beaten track and onto poorly paved roads the bike proves its pedigree by handling exactly the same way when I stand up as it does when I sit.

The potholes and gravel are dismissed with ease and when the rear wheel breaks loose, as it does a lot on gravel, the bike’s recovery is predictable in a way that make riding both comfortable and fun.

It’s almost a shame to bring it back out on the blacktop.

Meanwhile, the screen is just the right height. It’s highly functional, yet it doesn’t get in my eyeline.

The TFT display sits at a ‘portrait’ angle creating the look of a smart phone on the rider’s side and a road book from the other.

I can scroll through a choice of displays. There’s a roadbook style in addition to a conventional digital display and a really cool analogue one.

The World raid is €14,299 with a limited amount of ’23 models being available for a grand cheaper. Talk to any Yamaha dealer for more details.

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