13 December 2019

Super Scrambler lives up to its name

At the start of the Scrambler story, road bikes were fitted with dual sport tyres, radial wheels and adapted suspension in order to take on tracks at full speed with the sole aim of enjoying maximum riding fun.

Moto Morini’s Super Scrambler is founded on this concept, with the added joyful kick of being powered by MM’s 1200ccs of indomitable and rebellious spirit.

Meanwhile, the care and consideration taken in the construction of the bike results in a finished product that is exquisitely ‘artisan’.


This is a machine that is entirely built in Italy, with the best materials married to a refined taste for detail. From idle to top speed, comfort and stability accompany the motorcyclist in the Super Scrambler saddle.

The typical off-road set up works well but the bike performs perfectly on the tarmac. Thisis thanks to excellent suspension components as well as those wonderful Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR dual sport tyres.

The Super Scrambler could be described as somewhat unconventional. Certainly you are highly unlikely to see anything else like it parked up outside your favourite café!

And, after you’ve looked at and admired it for long enough, riding it is just as rewarding.

The motor is, of course, what defines a bike.

Moto Morino Super ScramblerThe Super Scrambler is powered by a 1,187 cc, four valve, liquid cooled, twin-cam engine with aluminium alloy heads. This is the Bialbero 1200 Corsa Corta and it merges some of what we know as traditional Italian engineering with some very innovative ideas. One of these is the solution chosen for power supply. Here the camshafts are governed by two opposing chains which are moved by a common shaft which passes through the cylinder V.

The angle between the cylinders endows the Corsa Corta with perfect balance, accordingly it doesn’t require counter shafts, this eliminates any sluggishness, enabling higher revs to be achieved. Moreover, the 107mm bore allows for the use of valves that are large enough to release the twin-cylinder even at high revving engine speeds. In fact, riding this engine shows a bold and constant power supply right up to the rev limit.

This is a bike with a character. The power it delivers is just right to enjoy every kind of trip, while at the same time making its excellent chassis work while cornering. The engine was made to give pleasure while riding. Now you won’t learn about the Super Scrambler from the technical details: you need to get into the saddle.

On that note, the range is available Mullan Motorcycles in Derry (0044 7964 042666).

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