14 December 2023

Smile, it’s the new BMW S 1000 XR!

BMW S1000RRHaving once found the joke was on him, Paul Browne nonetheless can’t help but grin at the news a fresh S 1000 XR is on its way from the BMW factory.

Many moons ago the development tech from BMW confided in me that the company were working on building their own GSXR 1000.

How I laughed.

Then a few short years later the S1000RR appeared.

I wasn’t laughing then.

It’s been nearly 15 years since the RR appeared and during that time the engine has been used in both the much loved  S 1000 R, as well as one of the fastest touring bikes on the planet, the S 1000 XR.

Now BMW have re-done the XR once again.

They’ve started with the engine which has been re mapped and benefits from better optimised intake channels. It now puts out an impressive 170 BHP.

Pillion talk

BMW S 1000 XRPerhaps touring two-up on one gives new meaning to the term ‘a quick break’.

Seeing one move fast with a pillion is still a thing to behold.

No matter how fresh or well turned out something more traditional, such as the company’s own RT is, the XR is going to make it look dated.

The ergonomics have been tweaked, with the seat being raised by 10mm and designed to allow for more movement and provide a bigger pad.

There are still three different seat heights available.

The back end looks a lot more sporty when compared with the previous model. That’s a detail that hints at the bike’s origins.


Well dressed

BMW S 1000 XRStandard fitments include some bits that were previously only available as optional extras. Included on the list are a USB charging port, adaptive turning light, a more powerful 12 Ah battery as well as keyless ignition.

The company’s own Shift Assist Pro is also part of the pack.

Now the extras include really cool add-ons such as a GPS enabled lap timer and even M Carbon wheels.

These can be added when you order your bike or as after-the-fact additional accessories from the dealer network.

Like I said, it all makes up for a very quick break!

The S 1000 XR is available from your local friendly dealer in a choice of new colours, including  metallic blue or black or a non metallic white. Prices are to be confirmed in early January.

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