13 June 2019

Sheds 4 Bikers come clean thanks to Principal

A new donation by Principal Insurance has applied the pressure at Sheds 4 Bikers, the free-to-use community garage and first response training centre.

Representatives from the Kildangan facility dropped by our office this week to collect a powerful pressure washer. This will mean Sheds 4 Bikers can add bike cleaning to the list of free services and benefits the centre offers to its members.

These include bike maintenance equipment, roadcraft and first aid training. It also acts as a social centre with bikers encouraged to drop in for tea or coffee and share their experiences and skills.

Sheds 4 BikersSheds 4 Bikers team leader Derek Gannon (pictured left with Principal’s Aly Dixon) said the group was tremendously grateful for the donation and other initiatives Principal are planning to support the group.

“We are entirely dependent upon goodwill so gestures like this from Principal Insurance are really important. We’re all immensely grateful not just for this donation but the wider commitment the company is showing to supporting Sheds 4 Bikers in raising funds and awareness of what we do.”

That commitment already includes the donation of two helmet cams for a raffle to raise funds for a forthcoming First Bike on the Scene (FBoS) training course. “A big part of what we do is promoting
bike safety and road casualty reduction by organising various professionally hosted courses,” explained Derek.

FBoS is accredited by The Quality Casualty Care Alliance and is designed to provide bikers with essential lifesaving knowledge and skills.  It teaches bikers how to initially manage a patient and administer basic life support should they be the first on the scene of a road traffic collision.

Aly Dixon, who heads up our office in Dublin, said she was delighted to be able to lend the company’s support. “What can I say? Sheds 4 Bikers us such an amazing and innovative facility which really symbolises what the Irish biking community is all about. It brings people together socially and for the common good, from sharpening up riders’ road and maintenance skills to making the roads a safer place for us all.

“It’s an absolute privilege for us at Principal to be able to support such a wonderful initiative.”

  • If you’d like to learn more about Sheds 4 Bikers or offer your own support you can contact the team by emailing [email protected] or calling 00353873587859.


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