06 July 2023

Safety suits you

When it comes to rider safety, Alpinestars plays a strong suit.

Paul Browne tries the Italian manufacturer’s top-of-the-range GP Tech-4 for size.

Equipped with the added protection of a Tech-Air 10 airbag, it’s an excellent fit for those in the business of self-preservation.


With more and more riders taking to their local track, the kit demanded of us riders is getting better and being built to a higher standard.

Just one of the bigger names making one and two-piece leather suits is the Italian trendsetter, Alpinestars.

Smart dress

To clarify, most circuits will have a dress code.

This will include suit, boots, gloves, a full-face helmet and a back protector. The idea here is that if anything goes wrong the rider has a much better chance of surviving the ‘incident’.

While the two-piece ones are quite good, the joining zip between the jacket and pants creates an Achilles heel. I much prefer a one-piece one myself.

Companies like Alpinestars use the MotoGP and World Super Bike racing series to develop and refine their craft when it comes to making these suits. The build quality on them is nothing short of exceptional.



The cream of the crop is the GP Tech V4.

This suit is made from bovine leather for strength, with softer, suppler goat leather in the flex points.

Blending them this way makes for a suit that’s both lighter in weight and therefore comfortable, as well as highly effective in the event of an ‘off’.

alpinestarsThe real magic is in the lining.

Fabrics such as Alpinestars’ new Matryx are incredibly abrasion resistant whilst being highly breathable. In addition, treating the suit with Cool-iR Tech prevents heat build-up by actually reflecting the sun’s UV rays!

Having a fabric that delivers protection as well as comfort seemed unimaginable only a few years ago.

Use of the more traditional Kevlar also contributes to the safety aspect whilst reinforcing the Cool-iR by preventing inward heat transfer.

Soft armour is located in the shoulders, elbows and knees. Replaceable knee and elbow sliders come as standard.

The key areas are perforated for airflow and its associated comfort!

Air force

Alpinestars With regards to the back protector, the developments here have been nothing short of spectacular.

The suit is now cut to be ready for an airbag. The latest version of this amazing new leap in safety is called the Tech-Air 10.

It covers all the way from the rider’s thighs up to their neck and, in the event of an accident, the airbag inflates in milliseconds.

Having seen some of these being ‘tested’ I’m convinced and won’t ride a track without one!

The GP Tech-4 is available exclusively from Megabikes here in Dublin where it will set you back €1,900. The Tech Air 10 will run you €1,100. OK, that may not be cheap, but what price do you put on your own safety?

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