11 December 2023

Ryvid’s electrifying urban Anthem

Ryvid AnthemRyvid, the hip new kids on the electric bike block, are set to cause a stir with the very smartly designed Anthem.

A pleasingly light streetbike offering decent range and substantial fuel cost savings, the new e-machine looks a promising choice for  urban rider.


The new Ryvid Anthem is an electric motorcycle that’s been designed specifically for use in an urban and extra urban environment.

What that means is that the new machine has the range and ability to take on the riding that the vast majority of us do on a daily or weekly basis.

The Californians have built an all new bike around a usable, reliable power pack to create a road legal motorcycle designed to both beat the rush-hour traffic and offer a cool ride to the equally cool coffee shop or gym.

Ryvid AnthemPositive charge

As would be expected the Anthem is fitted with a removable battery. You simply lift it out and charge it by your desk in the office or in your house overnight. Fitted wheels make the job even easier.

There’s also an option to charge it through the port on the bike itself.

That 4.3 kWh 72V Lithium Ion battery takes a little over three hours to charge from empty on a regular domestic power supply. On a dedicated EV charger that drops to a little over an hour and 45 minutes.

A full charge will deliver up to 120 kilometres of city riding, with the bike capable of speeds up to 75 kmh.

Interestingly Ryvid claim that the Anthem will cost a staggering 93% less to fuel than a conventional bike with the same power output over five years.

Belting seat

Ryvid AnthemThe TFT screen is where the rider modes are displayed. These even include a reverse option.

The tyres are by Pirelli and stopping is done via the front single disk and a radially mounted caliper.

Final drive is a belt.

Making the Anthem even more practical is a very smart, as standard, electrically adjustable seat.

This can be heightened or lowered both when at a standstill or while moving.

It’s an innovation that will allow a much wider range of riders to enjoy the latest electric offering to hit the market.

There’s also a USB charger and, in addition, the bike comes with an alarm as well as keyless ignition.

Electric light

Weighing in at only 142 kilos the Anthem is also incredibly unintimidating, further strengthening it’s case as a welcome new contender in the increasingly competitive and growing electric bike market.

In the US, where the Anthem has already been launched, the price tag – at sub $9,000 – is also appreciably competitive, sitting the new machine very much in the affordable category.

With Ryvid expanding we can expect to see the first models here in Ireland later next year. We’ll keep you posted on their expected arrival.

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