29 December 2023

R 1300 GS Breaks Cover

Could BMW’s new R 1300 GS shake up the market in 2024 just as its predecessor did some 20 years ago?

It’s a question Paul Browne has been pondering since checking out the new machine at the UK’s Motorcycle Live show.


The new R 1200 GS was launched way back in 2004. The bike’s sales rocketed and the rest of the market noticed an old, yet suddenly new player on the field.

A lot of tyres have been replaced since then and one of the big pieces of news from this year’s Birmingham bike show was the all new 1300cc model.

The big question is will BMW upset the market once again?

As a question, that gets even more interesting as the new bike isn’t nearly as much of an update as it is a completely new machine, very much as the original 1200 was.

Featherweight boxer

Firstly a brand new boxer engine powers the R 1300 GS.

Now they’ve moved the gearbox to below the engine. This is in addition to adding their own shift cam which allows the valve timing and stroke to vary.

As a result the weight and the size of the new block are both lower and smaller.

Impressively, power is up to 145 bhp with a 149 Nm of torque available at the twist of a wrist.

Where suspension is concerned, the rear paralever has evolved, while the telelever on the front is an entirely new piece.

This all adds up to a 12 kilo weight saving when compared to the latest 1250 model.

Raising the standard

R 1300 GSABS Pro is complimented with dynamic brake assist, drag torque control and traction control.

Dynamic cruise control with brake function also comes on the basic bike. These are no longer factory fit options.

Also included as standard are heated grips as well as keyless ride. This last one includes the tank and the steering lock.

Up the front the LED headlamp has a unique design and the front indicators are now built into the hand guards.

The R 1300 GS offers no fewer than four riding modes come as standard. There are two for the road, one eco mode and an off road setting.

These are all complemented by suspension and appropriate assisted braking intervention settings. All of this is facilitated by a lithium-ion battery with ‘Battery Guard’. This can be managed via an app.

The new fleet of demonstrators will be with us soon. Talk to any of the team at either Kearys Motorrad in Cork or Joe Duffy Motorrad in Dublin.

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