20 June 2023

Put a lid on it!

Japanese helmet manufacturer, Arai, has long been associated with the world’s most famous road races, the Isle Of Man TT.

‘The Island’, as it’s affectionately known, consists of a road circuit that’s a shade over 60 kilometres long,  all of which is on public roads.

Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but the art of road racing is one of the most dangerous motorsports in the world.

Enter Arai. For generations, the company has been associated with the TT.

Each year the company send a team to the races where they offer comprehensive support to the riders who have chosen to wear their helmets.

From fitting visors, tailoring fit and replacing items such as lost pods, the service is bespoke.

Head strong

While there are a number of different models, finishes and colour schemes in the Arai helmet range, all provide the same high level of protection.

But the racers’ choice is always the RX-7.

And it’s a unique version of that helmet which the company has once again released to celebrate the TT on which the chequered flag for 2023 has just been waved.

It’s a new RX-7 with a fresh paint scheme designed by the Italian master designer, Aldo Drudi. It can only be described as beautiful.

Arai TT RX-7Limited lid

The collection of Arai TT helmets is both rare and extremely collectable. The very first of these was released back in 2007. Very few riders have the full collection.

This new design features the classic black, red and white base. Then there’s a splash of fluorescent yellow on both sides. Then there’s the three legs of Man, or the Triskelion. It’s finished off with the TT logo.

The new Arai TT lid is available in very limited numbers from Megabikes in Dublin where it will be €1,149 with a smoked visor costing an additional €79.

You’d be advised to take care of it as well as it will do your head!

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