01 March 2024

Nightster Special demo delight

Harley-Davidson Nightster SpecialFor many bikers, Harley-Davidson is the epitome of American cool. In recent years, the brand, or more pertinently, the bikes, got cooler through the addition of new and more environmentally-friendly engines.

Among their new machines to benefit was the Nightster which has now been given the Special treatment.

In the last few years Harley-Davidson made a fundamental change to the way they built their engines. To meet new emissions requirements they added liquid cooling systems.

First up was the Milwaukee 8, a new V-twin engine that produced more power, ran smoother and cleaner, yet was  undoubtedly a Harley motor.

Since then we’ve seen the company put liquid cooled engines in all  its existing models, as well as its new bikes.

Then, in 2022 H-D added a new machine to their line up. The brand new Nightster was born.

Something of the Nightster

Harley-Davidson Nightster Special

It’s under the tank where all the changes are. The Milwaukee 8 spawned a number of other ‘blocks’, amongst them the Revolution Max 975T series.

With only 975cc displacement it may seem quite small for a Harley, but it’s another fresh take on the American classic V-twin.  It puts out a healthy 90 ponies and 95 Nm of torque.

What looks like the tank is actually an air box cover. The real one sits under the rider’s seat and is accessible via a hinge.

Hanging the weight this low makes for a friendlier centre of gravity.

A relatively easy fix can reduce the power output that brings the motor back within the parameters set out for riders on A2 licences.

A bit Special

Harley-Davidson Nightster SpecialABS is complimented by a new Traction Control System (TCS) that can be switched off by the rider. Drag Torque Slip Control System prevents the rear wheel from spinning up.

The bike has three selectable power modes, Rain, Road and Sport.

Its headlamp, tail light and indicators are all weight-saving LED affairs.

The ‘clocks’ are an LCD display, with a full media pack.

Now, a new Nightster Special is available. This machine has a pillion set up, just in case you get lucky.

Cruise control and heated grips are also part of the ‘special’ pack. In addition, the headlamp cowl adds so much to the bike’s look.

Waterford H-D are offering their H-D Nightster Special demo model for sale. It has less than 2,000 kms on the odometer and will run you  €17,830. That’s a saving of €2,000 on a’24 reg bike, with the buyer registered as the first and only owner. If you fancy something a little special, talk to Shane on 051 844200 or drop him an email.

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