18 January 2024

Kawasaki J300 adds fun to beating traffic

Agile, nimble and commuter comfy, Kawasaki’s J300 is a great scooter on which to navigate those congested city streets.

With more poke than you might expect from a machine of its size, it’s also a joy to ride.



Kawasaki’s J300 scooter is billed as being a sportier offering, providing the rider with a more dynamic machine which combines practicality with fun.

The engine displaces 299cc and puts out 28 bhp.

While this power output would have been unimaginable even just a few years ago, the torque number is the most impressive.

Producing over 28 Nm guarantees a commuter that will get off the line briskly when the lights turn green.

Stopping at those aforementioned lights is compliments of a single disk up the front and the same at the rear.

Light & tight

Kawasaki J300The ABS system is managed by a class leading Bosch unit.

The rear light is a lightweight and bright LED affair.

Both of the brake levers are fully adjustable allowing the rider to tailor the span to the size of their hands.

Adding a wet weight of only 191 kilos as well as a tight turning circle makes for an easy machine on which to cut through city traffic

The 775 mm seat height may sound a little low, but the leg room in the clever, concave foot well manages to make it a comfortable steed on which to to ride for the taller amongst us.

It also makes it  unintimidating for more normally heighted people!

Clock on

The clocks are exactly that, clocks.

A traditional speedo and tacho are complimented by an LCD display showing all the metrics a rider might need.

These include a fuel gauge, a clock, trip metres, an odometer, an engine warning light as well as a service light. 

As is standard with all modern scooters there is under seat storage. The load capacity is a generous 10 kilos and it has been designed to take a bag and a full face helmet.

There’s also a glove box within which there is a power socket. This can be used to charge a phone.

The J300, along with the rest of the Kawasaki range, is available for €6,150 from BikeWorld in Dublin.

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  Kawasaki J300

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