14 March 2024

K1600 has a ‘sublime ride’ in the bag

 BMW K1600

Offering a sublime ride, a great spec and smart design, BMW’s K1600 bagger is really firing on all six, reports Paul Browne.


The K1600 from BMW has the look of a simpler machine finished to a high standard.

Clever design details abound, such as the front indicators being integrated into the bike’s bodywork to keep its smooth lines from being ruined.

The panniers and the tail of the bike follow these lines in a way that makes it a work of art.

The black-on-black treatment speaks of its quality.

Integrating the stop and tail lights into the bodywork shows a certain genius.

The engine is a straight six cylinder affair. As well as 160bhp it also has 180Nm of torque available with a twist of the wrist.

Dual control

BMW K1600Starting from the front, the headlight is adaptive and ‘looks into the corner’.

The ABS is complimented with both traction and dynamic engine brake control. That allows the rider to ‘dial in’ as much or as little engine braking as they like.

There’s even a reverse gear.

A hill start assist feature is complemented by an assisted gear selector and electronically adjustable suspension.

Fuelling modes can be selected through the switch gear.

There’s also a tyre pressure control feature.

All of this is read through a TFT screen. This is where all the bike’s info – including navigation – and the comms set connection live.

Cruise lines

BMW K1600Naturally, as K1600 is a touring bike, cruise control comes as standard.

Once underway it’s nothing short of sublime to ride. The power delivery is smooth and linear.

Its dynamic performance continues with the bike’s cornering ability.

Weighing in at 344 kilos, it could be forgiven for not being the most agreeable beast on a mountain road.

But that’s not the case.

The little electronic elves get busy in the bike’s system to put all of those rider aids to hard work and make the big bagger handle like it just shouldn’t!

At 750mm the seat height isn’t what I’d normally like as a tall fella, but after a few kilometres it ‘came together’ quite well. This has a lot to do with the footpegs being conventional and not ‘boards’.

While there’s a bit of height in the bars, the wind deflectors that are built into the bodywork make for a much more comfortable ride.

The new Bagger is available at both Keary’s in Cork and Joe Duffy’s in Finglas. where a new one starts at €27,800. 


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