20 June 2024

Indiana Jones & the film star softail for sale

If you’re a fan of American blockbuster movies and sleek Harley-Davidson motorcycles, well, we have some interesting news for you.

The two-wheeled star of one of 2023’s biggest tickets, is up for sale, here in Ireland.

It’s a bobberish bike that will no doubt set you back a few bob mind you.

But just think of the cachet your cash will buy!


Unbelievably, the Indiana Jones saga has been running for over four decades now.

The franchise began way back in 1984 with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,  the first movie about the American Nazi-busting legend putting other people’s stuff in his own museums! Culturally appropriation much?

Since then there have been five movies made, the latest being Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny which grossed $384 million upon release.

The movie brings us forward to 1969 where we find ‘Indie’ enjoying the quiet life while working as a professor in a New York university. That is, of course, until his destiny calls.

Well hench

At over two hours and 20 minutes there’s all the usual shenanigans that Harrison Ford and his crew get up to, this time accompanied by  Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The creative genius behind the Fleabag comedy series, the English actress plays our hero’s goddaughter.

It is, of course, a formula – a pretty pleasing formula mind you – of crashed trains, car chases, unlikely sidekicks and brilliant villains.

One of those villains, superbly played by Mads Milkenson, has a henchman called Klaber, portrayed by Boyd Holbrook. That’s him on the left.

As befits a movie of with this lineage, there’s a rather epic chase sequence.

This one runs through New York as the city celebrates the successful moon landing.

Horse power

At one point Indiana is endeavouring to get away from the bad guys so he commandeers a police horse. Really.

Klaber, seeing that he’s going to escape, commandeers a Harley-Davidson police bike. Again, really.

A brilliant pursuit commences and, as Indie attempts to make good his get away, he rides the horse down the steps of a subway station, as you do. At this stage trying to follow the plot is getting just a little exhausting.

Turning with relief to confirm he’s made good on getting away from the bad guys, he’s somewhat disappointed to find Klaber riding down the same flight of steps on the bike. Seriously.

Indie and the horse jump off the platform to evade him. What are the people who dream this stuff up on?

Slim pickings

Anyway, the bike in question was a Harley-Davidson Softail Slim.

This was dressed and re-built by the movie’s props department to look like a late sixties police bike.

Now, interestingly, the very bike that was used in the movie is now available to buy from Waterford Harley-Davidson.

It has next to no mileage on it and is in pristine condition.

The lads won’t confirm a price, rather they’re looking to talk with interested parties.

You can contact Mo on 051 844200 and get a really cool, working piece of movie memorabilia. Really.

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