16 May 2024

Indian Motorcycles deliver refreshed range of Scouts

Indian Scout

Indian has unveiled a whole bunch of new Scouts for 2024.

But which one is leader of the pack for Paul Browne?


For the new season there are no fewer than five new Indian Scout models.

They are, in no particular order, the 101 Scout, the Super Scout, the Scout Classic, the Sport Scout and the Scout Bobber.

Don’t say you’ve never been given choices!

What they all have in common is a new SpeedPlus engine.

This is a 1250cc V-Twin that puts out a shade under 110 horsepower.

For a bike in its class there’s nothing wrong with that!

Indian ScoutWell framed

Also new is the frame.

It’s still a simple steel tube affair that looks the part as its classic name demands.

What it really does is make the bike much easier to bolt on any of the 100-plus accessories.

Yes indeed, no two need ever be the same!

Then there’s what the soulless marketing wretches refer to as ‘rider amenities’.

These include a choice of ride modes that set the fuelling and the traction control. ABS is always on.

Scout pack

Indian ScoutThe Scout Bobber is the stripped down one.

It has short mudguards, blacked out paintwork, bar end mirrors and a single seat.

The Sport Scout is the aggressive one.

It comes with moto style bars, lots of machined parts, a fairing and a bigger front wheel.

Then there’s the Super Scout. This one is the tourer.

It comes with a pillion seat and pegs, a windscreen and a set of panniers.

Practical bits like longer suspension and an easy to detach screen make for a more comfortable and versatile bike to tour on.

A Scout Classic is just that, the classic model with chrome, flared mudguard ends, wire spoked wheels a low and lazy seat height.

This is a simpler affair and comes in at, a yet to be confirmed, lower price.

Number 101

The one I want is the 101 Scout.

This has all the cool stuff on it.

Two adjustable piggyback rear shocks, upside down adjustable front forks, and twin disk Brembo braking system on the front with a single down the back.

The machined parts, the higher bars, the cool paint all make it stand out from pretty much everything in its class.

For more details visit the Indian Motorcycles’ website. 

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