15 May 2020

Hooky helmets warning

It has been brought to our attention that counterfeit Arai, Shoei sand AGV helmets are currently being  offered through websites and other sale channels.

They have the well-known company logos and lettering on the front of the lid, but in reality are simply poor copies of genuine helmets.

That’s why it’s really important to be very careful when shopping online.

If the price that you are being asked to pay is too good to be true then it almost certainty is.

Other tells are that the website address looks a bit weird. If it does then don’t buy t. Genuine Arai helmets, for example, are sold only by Arai authorized and trained dealers.

Real Arai helmets are packed in those iconic white cardboard boxes with blue stripes. Theose boxes include a cloth Arai helmet bag, as well as an owner’s manual, and a small bottle of lubricant for the visor hinge. There is always a warning label on the helmet chinstrap.

Most genuine Arai helmets come with a Max Vision Visor/Max Vision PSS Visor and many also include a Pinlock lens.

Hooky helmet: You need one like you need a hole in your head.

Most importantly, only genuine Arai helmets are covered by that all important and very reassuring Arai five year limited warranty.

If in doubt, please contact your local bike shop to clarify what you’re being offered is good enough for your one and only head.

There is also the issue of buying helmets from other countries.

Some riders are unaware the each world market sets different helmet standards. Because of this you should avoid purchasing helmets from outside the EU as they may or may not not comply with the standards legally required here.

In addition, their interior fit may not have been designed for our market and as a result they may be very uncomfortable.

Helmets purchased from outside a given market are also not eligible for after-sales service or any warranty claims.

Here in Europe we have the highest standards, let’s keep them…

Stay safe.

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