27 June 2024

Grand Tor

Knox Tor

The eternally modest Paul Browne is grateful for the protection afforded his (allegedly) finely aged and stunningly sculptured body when he’s out on the road.

He likes to dress smart and yet dress safe, so much the better for preserving the body and looks which he himself so admires.

So when it comes to protective gear, to where does he turn…..?


I find that as I grow older I settle into being a better motorcyclist, a more considerate friend, an attentive listener and, of course, getting even better looking.

I think that it’s a gift that some people are given.

It could, but probably doesn’t, come from years of smoking delicious cigars and learning enough Spanish to order many a local meat-based delicacy with a cold beer in my sun-soaked spiritual home. 

Yes indeed, starting with ‘What’s the Story, Morning Glory?’ and still being here for ‘Starbuster’ by Fontaines DC has given me those lived in lines on my face.

Broken bones, scars, stories to tell and a wonderful sense of humour all add up to me being a rather magnificent and ruggedly handsome ‘man of a certain age’. 

As Cait O’Riordan sang “Be easy and free when you’re drinking with me, for I’m a man you don’t meet every day”, she could well have been talking about me.

Dressed to impress

Having an awareness of the value of sartorial excellence is a big part of my story.

Having an understanding of how one should dress is, after all, an obligation that any gentleman should gratefully execute.

There’s absolutely no excuse, whatsoever, to drop our standards when it comes to the attire we choose when riding motorcycles.

But power is nothing without control – as a Pirelli marketing type once said – and looking good is nothing without staying safe.

Combining both is where the challenge lies.

Knox TorTor support

I’ve recently received a new Tor Jacket from Knox.

Now to be clear, I have a serious prejudice for the company’s kit.

When my talent has, in the past, been out performed by reality, their back protectors and Handroid gloves, in particular, have seen me walk away with minimum damage.

The innovative Knox Tor Armoured Shirt with a waterproof shell is tailored for riders seeking thrills, challenges, and adventure.

The name “Tor”, meaning mountain, inspired this new armoured shirt which is designed to meet the demands of adventure riding and motorcycle touring, both on and off-road, especially in hot weather.

Hard Knox

Knox has poured decades of passion, expertise, and creativity into designing armoured shirts, and I can confirm that its experience is evident in the Tor.

Ready for rapidly changing environments, climates, and terrains, the Tor Armoured Shirt is durable, facilitates easy movement, offers excellent breathability, and provides well-thought-out storage.

Lightweight and super stretchy, it ensures maximum comfort during long hours on a bike, while maintaining Class AA Approval for protection.

Oh, and it looks good too. Especially on me!

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