13 November 2020

The full SP on new MT09

In the last few weeks we’ve seen Yamaha present a new MT-07, as well as a new MT-09. This week it’s the turn of the MT-09 SP, a very special addition.

This is the latest hyper to join Japanese giant’s best-selling range of naked motorcycles. What sets it apart from the rest is its premium specification.

Yamaha boldly claims that the MT-09 SP is the ultimate 3-cylinder machine. While the people at Triumph may well disagree, it’s certainly the ultimate MT.

MT-09 SPShock news

Noticeable and notable differences to the standard bike include the MT-09 SP coming  equipped with a fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock, in addition to a fully adjustable set of front forks. This is a bike that promises to take handling to a whole other world!

Being finished in an MT-10 SP inspired Silver Blu Carbon colour scheme, it also looks very cool. Traction control and D mode will both help to keep it looking that good.

It also comes as standard with a Quick Shift System (QSS) which gives faster upshifting, meaning that the MT-09 SP should not only work well on the road but should acquit itself nicely at a local trackday.

Class act

Indeed with so many new racing classes about these days, why not have a super naked class as well? Who’d not be up for entering a bike in a class like that?

The whole thing sits in a lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm while being powered by a torque monster of an 847 cc, 3-cylinder crossplane engine. The wheelbase is short enough to make short work of any corners you would care to point it at.

MT-09 SP

Fancy the full SP? Priced at €11,850.00, you can order the MT-09 SP or request more details from your local Yamaha dealer now. Click here to find yours.

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