22 March 2024

Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss a perfect twin

Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss

Sometimes less is more.

That’s certainly the case Paul Browne would like to argue when it comes to Ducatis.

Two, he says, is better than four, especially when dressed in the colours of legendary Aussie racer Troy Bayliss.


I need to get something straight from the beginning.

While the V4 range from Ducati is nothing short of spectacular, all Ducati machinery should be powered by V2 engines. It’s God’s law and all that.

I do like the Panigale V2 with its 955cc engine and it’s 155bhp.

I find it so much more fun to ride hard on a race track than its bigger sibling.

Riding by numbers

One of the things that I find very interesting about this machine, is that it’s got a bigger engine than the original 916, yet it’s still today’s answer to the 748.

https://www.ducati.ie/I’ve just read back that last line and now I feel really old.

With a usable drive and classic Ducati good looks, it’s as easy to post an excellent lap time on as it is to sit and stare at.

Now the staring at it part has just got even easier:  it’s available in a Troy Bayliss replica paint scheme, inspired by the 996R on which the Aussie won his very first world championship title in 2001.

The new bike is a deserved accolade for a revered rider. After all, let’s not forget he posted no fewer than 52 wins, 94 podiums and three World Superbike Championships.  In doing so he helped make Ducati what it is today.

The new livery is inspired by the 996 R on which Bayliss won his very first world championship title in 2001.

Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss

They’ve got your number

This all new Panigale V2 Bayliss is manufactured in a numbered series.

As well as the special paint job it also differentiates itself from the standard bike by being sprung on a full set of Öhlins including the steering damper.

Ducati Panigale V2 BaylissThe other stuff that comes as standard are cornering ABS, traction control, a quick shifter, engine brake control and wheelie control, as well as a full Termi exhaust system.

They all work as well on the road as they do on a track.

Declan at Rosso Ducati has one in the showroom where it’ll run you €25,755.

Meanwhile the standard V2 is also available and costs €22,500. By my reckoning, which one to choose is a bit of a no brainer really.

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