26 November 2021

Cake aims to take slice of electric motorbike market

Because he’s so committed to keeping you up to date with the latest fresh metal, Paul Browne undertook the arduous task of flying to Milan to check out the latest launches at EICMA. There he got a taste for Cake, a company looking to take a slice of our electric motorcycle market.

In your best interests I’ve been over in Milan for the last few days.  In that beautiful Italian city I risked life and limb looking at a whole host of new bikes and new models.

You know where to send my medal.

One of the brands that I was more than impressed with is called Cake.

It really is. Cake.

No vanilla

These guys hail from Sweden where they have established a company that makes high-performance electric motorbikes.

These are all about inspiring those of us who work on two wheels towards zero-emission, but do so in a way that combines excitement with responsibility. Yes, it is possible!

The bikes in the range have been engineered for optimisation around an all-electric drivetrain.

The end result is a light yet robust machine that allows for an impressive power-to-weight-ratio, amazing torque, added speed and a refreshing battery endurance.

Since these are clean, quiet and very easy to ride, they are sure to invite a whole new slew of riders to our two- wheeled world.


Cake’s carrot

The business-to-business side of the company produces bikes to satisfy delivery couriers, service professionals, craftsmen, park rangers, carpenters and many, many more. Bikes for people who want to get to get to where they need be, while reducing the amount of time they spend covering those work related miles.

These work bikes are durable service tools which come with prolonged product life cycles. They’re built for high efficiency and a nice low cost of ownership.

Cake have built a range of machines that promise to meet the needs of mobile workforces. They have done this by utilising larger batteries, boosting power, improving cargo capacity and making compact designs.

Meanwhile their electric drivetrains need little or no maintenance and thanks to having quality components they offer longer life cycles.

The icing

Bikes in the range are built to serve heavy-duty workers, with strong pulling power to support bulky loads and transports.

They also come with integrated power outlets which allow them to power work tools like phones, laptops, drills, welding machines or whatever you’re having yourself.

Even if you can drain one of these remotely, their batteries are swappable and replaceable. Getting stranded is a thing of the past.

The two pieces of great news is that these are on the way here in the new year along with a range for those of us who wouldn’t know a welt from a splinter.

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