02 April 2021

Benelli’s little lion of Pesaro

Benelli have been making bikes since back in 1919 when the company was founded by the widow Teresa Benelli in what was an ultimately successful effort to create secure employment for all her six sons. The lads never had to sign on again!

These days the company is part of a Chinese corporate called Qianjiang and a host of new bikes are once again in production.

Drawing on all of that heritage, the new company has re-imagined one of Benelli’s best known models and launched a new Leoncino.

This is a machine that looks the part and, even when parked up outside your favourite café, stands out from the rest of the crowded Sunday bike park.

This year’s collection

Powered by a learner legal 500cc parallel twin that puts out a shade under 50 bhp, this has all any rider needs for city work.  It’s also Euro 5 compliant, achieving this by being liquid cooled.

While it’s a straightforward collection of wheels and an engine in a trellis frame, that collection is incredibly stylish. Italian lineage you see.

Benelli LeoncinoBlack looks

The clocks are a wonderfully simple affair and the front end is held by a substantial looking set of upside down forks. Here, black is the new black.  Black forks with a set of black clamps and a black headlight nacelle.

The designers have placed an unassuming ‘old’ bike on top of a very clever chassis and powertrain.

The line of the tank ‘rolls’ down to the rider’s seat, with the company’s badge proudly displayed on either side.

Cafe cultured

The stubby rear end finishes the Leoncino’s café racer looks, with the two-into-one exhaust also doing a great job of hiding the necessary evil that is the catalytic converter.

The single rear shock is mostly hidden under the seat and even the brakes are radially mounted and fitted with braided metal hoses.

The Leoncino is rugged, refined, modern and simple.  And it has a Lion on the front mudguard!

What’s more, a brand new one will only run you €6,900!

There is a demo machine available from Ross Motorcycles in Cork.  Give any of the team a call to arrange a spin when we’re allowed out of our houses again. They are on 021 450 4800.

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