30 November 2023

Lifting the lid on Arai’s new Tour-X5

Arai Tour-X5

Arai has lifted the lid on its 2024 collection with the new Tour-X5 heading up the range.

As with its predecessors, versatility is the name of the game, with nifty design ensuring the helmet will be as much at home off-road as it is on.

Of course, enhancing both safety and comfort was also high on the design agenda.

Paul Browne gets his head around the latest addition.


Leading lid manufacturer Arai has launched a new, completely redesigned Tour-X5 helmet

Once again it’s somewhat of a ‘jack of all trades’.

As it’s presented, it’s the perfect touring helmet.

The visor comes with a pinlock inner. This stops it from steaming up in any and all weathers.

The peak helps with aerodynamics and shading the riders eyes from the sun.

Glancing partner

Arai Tour-X5The Tour-X5 also incorporates a new VAS-A visor system, designed to enhance its ‘Glancing-Off’ performance.

In plain English, that means it offers a greater surface area with which to reduce impact energy.

That in turn means there’s less energy for the shell and its precious cargo to absorb.

In addition, there’s an all new detaching system.

This allows the rider to take the visor off with one button on each side of the helmet.

There’s no unscrewing, no multiple stages of fitting and significantly easier re-attachment.



Head space

Arai Tour-X5There’s a flat space on the side of the helmet. If you absolutely have to talk to other people when riding your bike this offers you ta spot on which to mount a comms system.

Meanwhile the latest incarnation of the helmet still allows for use across a number of different riding genres.

Taking the visor off while leaving the peak on makes for the perfect motocross helmet while taking the peak off and leaving the visor on makes for a very cool road helmet.

Venting on the Tour X5 is also new and wonderful.

That logo duct, first seen on the Quantic a number of years ago, is now joined by a newly designed delta duct.

This is the one that sits on the top of the lid. A larger and more effective chin vent performs better than the Tour X4.

A new AR spoiler at the back of the helmet creates the perfect draft and vent air exhaust.

Break fast

All of these parts have been designed to break off in the event of an impact.

This means that the helmet doesn’t have anything to ‘snag’ on. Rather, clever design allows it to slide/Glance Off.

This dissipates the energy of an impact and allows the helmet to prevent additional damage to the wearer’s body.

After all it’s not the falling that hurts. It’s the landing that causes the problem.

For more details, talk to James at Kennedy Motorcycles.

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