15 July 2022

A great GasGas altogether

GasGasTwo new GasGas machines have just been launched.

Both are 700cc machines. One, the ES, an Enduro,  the other, the SM, a Supermoto.

The new SM 700 gives a commanding upright riding position, placing the rider closer to the handlebars and allowing for a lot of front wheel control while sitting on the saddle.

Meanwhile the ES comes from a long line of off-road bikes.

This is what GasGas are famous for. They’ve been winning off-road competitions since the brand was relaunched two years ago.

What they want to do now is to re-establish themselves on the street.

The SM700 is the route back.

Light touch

GasGasBoth GasGas machines boast a refreshingly light package.

They’re housed in a steel trellis frame which is complemented by a die-cast aluminium swingarm.

This provides the basis for a sharp handling machine.

The subframe houses the fuel tank. This keeps the bike’s centre of gravity low.

Instant power

GasGasWP supply the fully adjustable front forks as well as the single shock on the back end.

The slipper clutch is made by PASC and complimented with a quickshifter.

A Bosch ABS system is standard and both are fully compliant with all of the Euro 5 regulations.

Power comes from a twin spark single cylinder engine. It puts out 74bhp. The electronic fuel injection is set up for instant power delivery. This is combined with 73.5 Nm of torque.

On the SM there are two ride modes to choose from. ‘Street’ has full ABS and cornering traction control.

The ‘Supermoto’ ride mode disengages the rear ABS and makes the traction control a lot less intrusive.

Either one will set you back €12,100. If you want to find out more call any of the team at CCM Racing on 01 4526170.

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