18 December 2020

Honda refreshes NC750 with X factor

Given Santa was this week seen – and recklessly captured by drivers on mobile phones – riding a Goldwing around the M50, we thought Honda an appropriate theme this week. That’s our festive hook and we’re standing by it with a look at the new NC750.

The Honda NC750 has been around in a number of guises from over a decade ago, since it first appeared as a 700.

Over the years it’s consistently proven itself to be a comfortable and easy bike to ride.

It was the first successful use of the company’s DSG automatic gearbox and has always had that Honda feel and dependability about it.

Short story

Now what has become one of Europe’s favourite all-rounders gets a comprehensive refit. Meet the NC750X.

In a nod to the new rider – and some of the shorter among us – the new machine’s seat height is now 30mm lower than the previous model.

The Dual Clutch Transmission that has been a feature of the bike for many years, continues to showcase a technology that is unique to Honda in the motorcycling world.



Power trip

The engine has also been reworked. The bike gets more power as well as a new gearbox with revised ratios and even a higher redline.

The new bike’s throttle features a state of the art Ride-By-Wire system.

This can be further exploited by selecting any of the three riding modes which have also been updated and refined. Even the range on the Honda Selectable Torque Control has been redone.

The company have been able to do all this without compromising the NC’s famed fuel efficiency.

Weight watcher

A large part of this is down to the very impressive 6kg that they managed to take off its wet weight.

More than a little of this saving was gained from its redesigned frame which is now dressed in a new sharper finished set of bodywork.

Still there is the faux tank which works so brilliantly as a storage compartment, with the fuel tank still being under the seat. Both combine to place the bike’s weight even lower.

The latest NC 750 X is finished out with a new screen, LED lighting all round and that very important LCD dash. All of which confirm just how fresh the bike is.

To find out more, including prices, talk to your local Honda dealer.

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